What’s Up With Jonathan Taylor Thomas These Days?


Is there a Mrs. JTT?



If you were a tween in the 90s with an interest in boys, chances are 100% that you lost your goddamn mind over Jonathan Taylor Thomas. That raspy voice, that swoopy hair. And that coy smile, I mean what. How did we ever finish our homework? I have a vivid memory of open-mouth kissing an issue of Tiger Beat with JTT on the cover.

But what has become of our ‘Home Improvement’ heartbreaker? If his movies ‘Tom and Huck’ and ‘Man of the House’ were people they’d be able to legally drink by now. And his Simba voice in ‘The Lion King’ would be nearly able to rent a car!

The JTT fan-iverse may have dimmed as we’ve grown up and fallen in love with real life people, but let’s take a moment now to catch up with our first future husband. Here’s the scoop on what Jonathan Taylor Thomas has been up to since his heyday:

He got an ivy-league education.


After graduating from high school in 2000, Jonathan attended Harvard for two years and spent a year abroad at St. Andrews University in Scotland before taking a break. In 2010, he finished up his degree at Columbia University School of General Studies.

He had a string of TV guest-star appearances in the mid-90’s.


After taking a break from acting to attend college, JTT got back in the game with some guest star spots on TV series like ‘Smallville,’ ‘8 Simple Rules’ and ‘Veronica Mars.’

He directed a short film in 2006.


The Extra‘ was a very short film (12 minutes) directed by our one true love and starring Ryan Stiles of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ fame. What a collaboration.

He’s an uncle.


Jonathan’s older brother, Joel (who is a college basketball coach in Louisiana), has two sons: Ben born in 2005 and Jordan born in 2007. Aw man, I bet those kids get to hang out and watch movies with JTT allll the tiiiime.

He attended Danielle Fishel’s wedding in 2013.


Apparently these two go way back. It’s nice to see the 90s teen stars sticking together as grown-up buddies. Check him out on the left behind the woman in pink and on the right in between the happy couple.

He guest-starred in four episodes of ‘Last Man Standing’ and directed two since 2013.


It’s been a mini ‘Home Improvement’ reunion on Tim Allen’s ABC sitcom ‘Last Man Standing.’ JTT has worked on several episodes as both an actor and director. His former TV mom Patricia Richardson even stopped by.

He wrote an R-rated TV pilot with his ‘Home Improvement’ co-star.


Brad and Randy are at it again. In a reddit AMA session, JTT’s TV mom Patricia Richardson spilled the beans that he and Zachery Ty Bryan had teamed up to write an ‘adult’ TV pilot, which they’re currently shopping around. We’ll stay tuned!

He still makes ladies lose their minds.


In addition to the I heart JTT merchandise available for adult women, there was a recent episode of ‘Live With Kelly & Michael’ in which Emma Roberts straight up squealed at the very suggestions of Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

He’s still totally hunky…


At 34, our dude’s still got that dreamy stare and super cute smirk. He may be only 5′ 5,” but ladies still love shrimpy Tom Cruise.

…and single


There’s no evidence online that JTT is married or partnered so…we still have a chance, right?

This awesome update originally appeared in Dose. Thanks guys!