The Sweetest Most Unlikely Animal Relationships


These unlikely animal relationships will melt your heart. We can learn a lot from animals like how they’re willing to be friends out of their own species without prejudice. Here is further proof that animals are compassionate and capable of feeling love. It seems like the common theme in these out-of-the-ordinary relationships is that they learn a lot from each other.

Bubbles and Bella – A dog and an elephant

The bond between Bubbles the elephant and Bella the dog have a to do with their love for water. Bubbles was rescued from ivory poacher in Africa and brought to a safari reserve in the U.S. Bella was left at the reserve by a contractor that worked for the park. They are they best of friends and people love watching them frolic in the water as Bella uses the elephant as a springboard. Bubbles even throws a ball with her trunk and Bella retrieves it.


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