The Basset Hounds Who Never Left Baby Girl’s Side


Saying goodbye to a beloved family member is never an easy thing to do. The Hall’s Basset Hounds expressed their sorrow and respect for baby Nora as she lay in a hospital bed. The family pets refused to leave her side and were visibly in worry.

These pictures of Nora, a very ill five-month-old baby girl lying in a hospital bed is comforted by her devoted basset hound at her feet. This has warmed hearts across the world.

Nora suffered a “massive stroke” on April 6, the day she turned five months old. She had to be induced into a coma at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis for four weeks before being taken off life support. She was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and sadly didn’t respond to the treatments. Nora was born prematurely, spending her first 6 weeks in an intensive care unit.

As Nora’s condition worsened, John and Mary Hall thought it would be best to detach the Basset Hounds from the situation. They didn’t want to send the dogs away but was concerned that the situation was too stressful for them. Mary sent out a message to Facebook friends on The Wonderful World of Basset Hounds group page asking them what was best for their dogs in the situation. It was unanimous as messages of support came in urging them to keep the hounds nearby. The Basset Hounds dedicated themselves to comforting Nora by their mere presence.

John and Mary were made aware very early that Nora wouldn’t get better and were living with the agonizing decision to cut off her life support. The stroke caused both sides of Nora’s brain to become damaged and all of her vital organs were shutting down.

Nora was taken off life support on Monday, May 2. Prior to doing so, Mary and John took pictures of the devoted Basset Hounds close to Nora’s side. When Nora let out a little sigh and breathed her last breath, both of the dogs laid by her feet while her parents cradled her. She was immersed in love by her whole family and went without pain or fear.