House Wrecking Hollywood Nannies


With the Brangelina drama as of late, where Angelina Jolie fired their nanny due to some poolside flirtation, it makes you wonder why she’s so concerned. Maybe it has something to do with the history of Hollywood actors and the family nanny. It’s time to investigate the damage Hollywood nannies have caused to A-list couples. Cheating with the hired help is even more of a dig. Some of these rendezvous had serious effects on marriages and public images, making you wonder if having a tryst with a young nanny is worth the headache. Here are the top house wrecking Hollywood Nannies in recent history.

Mindy Mann with Gavin Rossdale

After 13 years of marriage, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale split due to adultery. Stefani uncovered texts between Mann and her husband involving when they would meet up along with naked photos of Mann. Gavin and their nanny, Mindy Mann, were allegedly having an affair for three years. Gavin denied the allegations at first but eventually confessed which ended the marriage. Gwen has moved on and is now dating Blake Shelton.


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