16 Of The Most Impressive Trees In The World


Need a pick me up today? Something to remind you how beautiful and awe-inspiring creation is? Check out these incredible trees to restore your faith. New Zealand and South Carolina might be our absolute favorites.

The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

dark hedges

Instantly recognizable to any of you Game of Throne Fans, the Dark Hedges in Ireland’s County Antrim truly seem like they are from a fantasy world. In reality, they are Beeches planted 200 years ago by the Stuart family as an entrance to their Gracehill House mansion. Over the years, the trees have grown together into this magnificent tunnel. There were originally 150 trees planted; 90 remain – and a few were unfortunately uprooted by Storm Gertrude in January, 2016. See them while you can!

125 Year Old Rhododendron Tree



Not gonna be a place to park pretty soon! Apparently among the world’s largest, this really could not be more beautiful in full bloom. Technically a shrub and not a tree, these get so large and take root so rampantly that the populations can actually be difficult to control. But if they all look like this, seems like a good problem to have!

Brute Slope Point Trees in New Zealand

brute slope point

Places To See In Your Lifetime

This spectacular landscape in the southern most point of New Zealand has been shaped by the region’s perpetual¬†winds that blow in from 2000 miles away in Antartica. Humans and animals outside of remnant sheep herds have completely abandoned the spot as uninhabitable, but wow worth a visit!

144 Year Old Japanese Wisteria



This magically beautiful Wisteria can be found in Japan’s Ashikaga Flower Park, in Tochigi. Its vines measure out to 1900 meters and are supported by steel poles so that visitors can walk beneath its canopy. Best time to visit to catch it in full bloom is late Spring (late April to May). Here’s another pic, just for good measure!



Antarctic Beech Covered in Moss

antarctic beech

Drew Hopper

The Antarctic Beech is a relic of the rainforests of the southern hemisphere. While these are native to places like Australia, the one photographed is actually in Oregon. These surreal creations grow to 80 feet tall and one meter wide. This one is especially beautiful because it is covered in hanging moss.

Massive Flamboyant Flame Tree in Brazil


Salete Silva

This absolutely stunning tree has a great ring of happiness to it. Not only is it beautiful, but the incredible shade it provides comes in quite handy in the tropical locations where it grows. This particular one is in Brazil.

500 Year Old Angel Oak in South Carolina

angel oak

Daniela Duncan

The iconic Angel Oak has now become synonymous with South Carolina, and this one may be the most iconic of all of them. Located on John’s Island near Charleston, this beauty is 67 feet tall and 28 feet in circumference – absolutely massive – and is thought to be more than 500 years old.

Kodachrome Japanese Maple in Oregon

japanese maple

Stylish Eve

No filter! Does this really exist? Truly breathtaking. This Japanese Maple can be found in Portland, Oregan’s Japanese Garden, which is considered the most authentic Japanese Garden outside of Japan. This tree has actually become quite famous and even has an entire Flickr group dedicated to it!

Kodachrome Japanese Maple in Oregon



What the…? Isn’t this thing cool? Sometimes described as ‘the most alien place on earth,’ the island of Socotra in Yemen is uniquely home to these trees, which produce red sap (!) – see below!

dragonblood sap

Mark Deetz

Blooming German Cherry Blossoms



cherry blossoms1

Adas Meliauskas

Rainbow Eucalyptus in Hawaii


rainbow close


Found in the Keahua Arboretum in Kauai, HI, the bark of these Eucalyptus trees earns such distinct coloration by their unique peeling and maturation process. Basically, the outer bark peels at different rates, and the bark underneath turns colors as it hits different stages of maturation – resulting in this overall rainbow effect. Beautiful!

Third Largest Sequoia On Earth

WOW – keep scrolling, and scrolling…! Named after President Warren Harding, ‘The President’ in California is the third largest Sequoia on earth, measuring 247 feet tall and 27 feet wide.

Oregon’s Maple Tree Tunnel

maple tunnel

Rant Places

This is the much photographed maple tree tunnel in St. Louis, Oregon. What else can ya say? Beautiful!

South African Jacarandas


Elizabeth Kendall

Pretoria in South Africa is commonly known as The Jacaranda City because of the massive numbers of the trees planted there. Their blooms can be seen from distant hills.

Avenue of Oaks, South Carolina


Last but not least, the incredibly majestic Avenue of Oaks in the Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, SC. Thought by many to be the most photographed home in the United States, the drive up features these beautiful Oaks that were planted by Thomas Boone in 1743 and stretch almost 3/4 of a mile. This popular tourist destination will leave you in awe, definitely worth a trip! We’ll part with one more shot, enjoy!