16 Most Dangerous Cities to Travel to in Summer 2016



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Roaming around the world and experiencing diverse cultures is a great way to spend your vacation time, or even years of your life pursuing, but travel brings with it the risk of unwittingly happening upon one of the most dangerous cities in the world to visit.

America is rife with dangerous cities — or so you may think. While cities like Baltimore and Chicago have seen their fair share of violence in the very recent past, outside of the confines of America, violence and danger are much more commonplace.

The world’s most violent cities are almost exclusively in South and Central America. There are a number of factors at work that have led to escalating danger in these areas, none more prominent than the Drug War, and the crushing poverty that envelopes many developing nations. Economically, these are areas that have been struggling for decades, and as people struggle to get ahead, they often turn to crime and violence to make things work.

 The Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, a Mexican think tank, annually analyzes data from across the world to develop rankings for the world’s most dangerous cities. Using statistics like murder rates, the group looks at cities with populations of more than 300,000, and puts together a top-50 list of the most dangerous cities worldwide.

We’ve cherry-picked them, seeing as how travelers will probably find themselves in these areas more than in some of the other cities listed. You can see the entire 16-item list for yourself, or follow along …


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